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Dwayne Simpson

The Vision of Dwaynamics was founded by the Late Dwayne Simpson who took up the challenge to address the lack of facilities for young people in Angell Town Estate.

An estate ridden of poverty and no facilities for the talented young people that lived there. Dwayne launched this boxing and fitness Project in 2013 which brought a great positive impact into the community and created a positive stream of turning pain in to power to all that participated in his classes.

Whats Coming up

Dwaynamics is a heartbeat in Lambeth of networking with other great Community Organisations and Professionals in London to enhance its businesss to all its customers in the UK.

Dwaynamics will provide a number of different workshops listed below. These workshops will be facilitated at our building or at the Corporations we are affiliating with. Dwaynamics will also source Mentors for its Members

We will be operational weekly and the workshops will be on rotation monthly.

Dwaynamics provides basic learning (core subjects) private tuition for young people that need extra help. A Tutor will be assigned to teach individuals and small groups this will be Maths, English, IT and Reading.


Young People Elevation - A referral agent service

Employment Training- Interview     Development

One-to-one CV / Interview Prep classes

Social Interaction - Interpersonal Skills

Self-Development - Confidence building and growth in all areas

Business Start up

Empowerment Speakers - Entrepreneurs, Key figures and young mentors

Dwaynamics will also source external apprenticeship / Work experience and internship within high profile companies, Corporations and Government.