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Dwayne Simpson

The Vision of Dwaynamics was founded by the Late Dwayne Simpson who took up the challenge to address the lack of facilities for young people in Angell Town Estate.

An estate ridden of poverty and no facilities for the talented young people that lived there. Dwayne launched this boxing and fitness Project in 2013 which brought a great positive impact into the community and created a positive stream of turning pain in to power to all that participated in his classes.

Dwaynamics is a heartbeat in Lambeth of networking with other great Community Organisations and Professionals in London to enhance its businesss to all its customers in the UK.

Whats Coming up

Dwayne Simpson Boxing & Fitness

- Free sessions available - membership essential

- Boxing awards course

- Male & female boxing session

- Female only fitness classes


Registered workshops available

- Tai chi exercise / zumba

- Creative dance / bounce / hip hop

- Sports therapy

- Nutrition & obesity

- Nutrition & weight management


Dwayne Simpson Boxing & Fitness

Free Sessions Available! Membership Essential


       Every Saturday 11am – 1pm


       Every Saturday 1pm -3pm

  Registered Boxing Awards Course

       Wednesday 5pm – 7.30pm


Other workshops available! Thai Chi, Zumba, Bounce, Sports Therapy, Nutrition & Obesity, Creative Dance