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Dwayne Simpson

The Vision of Dwaynamics was founded by the Late Dwayne Simpson who took up the challenge to address the lack of facilities for young people in Angell Town Estate.

An estate ridden of poverty and no facilities for the talented young people that lived there. Dwayne launched this boxing and fitness Project in 2013 which brought a great positive impact into the community and created a positive stream of turning pain in to power to all that participated in his classes.

Dwaynamics is a heartbeat in Lambeth of networking with other great Community Organisations and Professionals in London to enhance its businesss to all its customers in the UK.

Whats Coming up

Dwaynamics is a community interest company (CIC) which aims to deliver powerful boxing and fitness workshops alongside bespoke training for employment, social development and entrepreneurship skills. These two specialist areas are the key aspects of the company, which means that we are dedicated to helping improve the lives of others in all three vital areas mentally, socially and physically.

The Vision of Dwaynamics was founded by the Late Dwayne Simpson who took up the challenge to address the lack of facilities for young people in Angell Town Estate enabling them to engage positively through his boxing and fitness project which brought a great positive impact on the users health and well being.

Dwaynamics was inspired by the passing of the beloved and popular Dwayne Simpson and the unity and strength that was shown by the solid community of Angell Town after this tragedy. The underprivileged area of Angell Town has often been hindered by assaults, deaths as a result of knife and gun crime, gang warfare and robbery. Therefore Dwaynamics was set up to help support and empower people living within the community. Dwaynamics has a strong point of differentiation in this area because it does not focus solely on the negative aspects of living in such an area but instead embraces this and focuses on empowering all positively.

Minister Lorraine Jones the mother of the late DS & Mr Richard Davis re-started the Boxing / Fitness project and registered as a CIC they managed to re-engage with the youth, who Minister Lorraine works closely with on a daily basis in the Lambeth community. In May 2015 The Lambeth Borough Commander Richard Wood Provided a larger temporary space for Dwaynamics which is the Arch 282 Belinda Road SW9 7TD and a team of Senior Officers to help facilitate the boxing sessions under the supervision of our head Coach Mr Richard Davis. In June 2015 The Evening Standard - Evening Dispossessed Fund & The London Community Foundation Awarded Dwaynamics with a grant of £2,000 then a further £15,341 in September 2015 to help the development of the Company coupled with a brilliant media coverage "The Estate we're In"

Unltd Awarded Minister Lorraine Jones with a Star People's Awards grant of £5000 to help the Company Also with Business Consultation. The Company has 2 Directors and has a strong network of Professional Senior external Support from Lambeth MET, Miguel’s Professional Boxing Club and Guiness book of Record First England Boxing Coach Mr Errol Christie. We also have qualified Boxing Trainers volunteering their services to help facilitate our service. The aims and objectives of this project have not changed from the founder’s vision and is a tool of engagement to rehabilitate and develop positively our service users physical, mental and emotional health. Both Male and Female access this Club

Gang and youth violence have had a distressing impact on individuals and families in the Lambeth community, which has impacted on the health and well being of residents, including young people. We are addressing this problem by having a user involvement planning approach and engagement with the residents and young people in Lambeth. Through our strategic plan of engagement and networking at senior level for support ie; our Local Cllrs, Mayor, Borough Commander Mr Richard Wood.


       The two specialist areas that will be executed to deliver the services goes as follows:

·         Dwaynamics Boxing & Fitness Health and Well being

·         Dwaynamics Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship

The company will deliver services for the following groups plus a specialist area for young people separately:

·         9-15 years

·         16-25 years

·         21- senior

·         Young People (13-29)


Dwaynamics will provide workshop classes of both boxing and fitness on all training levels, nutritional programmes, workshops and other support in maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


We provide a number of different workshops listed below. This will be operational weekly and the workshops will be on rotation monthly- meaning people of the community will always have a chance to participate if they have previously missed a session (particularly one they wanted to attend).

·         Young People Elevation - A referral agent service

·         Employment Training- Interview Development

·         One-to-one CV classes

·         Social Interaction - Interpersonal Skills

·         Self-Development - Confidence building and growth in all areas

·         Empowerment Speakers - Entrepreneurs, Key figures and young mentors

·         Employability business Workshops - Referral Services, business advice and info on start-up grants

·         Mental health & Well being empowerment excursions

·         Empowerment to deal will social challenges 

·         Mentoring


Do you want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps have a longer fruitful life? Well Dwaynamics classes are catered to do so. Our workshops have been specifically developed to prevent excess weight gain and help maintain consistent weight loss. Scientifically it has been proven that physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier so therefore are classes are great as it pushes you succeed physically to your own personal goal.  That is not the only benefit of our services, you may have not known but exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues; helping your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. With your heart and lungs working more efficiently you then have more energy to go about your day to day life making you both more confident and improving your self-esteem.

Dwaynamics will help you develop skills you may already have or gain some more that will be beneficial.  Dwaynamics have a number of benefits such as self-growth, confidence with interview processes, empowerment, entrepreneurship and personal development which can be transferred and used in life generally.

Dwaynamics Boxing and fitness have free classes on selected days / evenings. Boxing Awards courses and group bookings are charged for fee.

Private advance classes will be made available for young people (age restrictions will apply) at a chargeable rate also student discounts will be available for student if student card is present.

All free youth classes will be done in a group with no one to one sessions.

Overall Dwaynamics will be the heart of the community and everybody will be welcome despite race, age and sexuality. We pride ourselves on unity and strength and so here at Dwaynamics we are here to offer our support in all ways possible for a better journey in life.